Adult Tap

"Listen to my feet and I will tell you the story of my life"

John Bubbles






About the Class

Open class.  All ages and abilities are welcome.


Adult tap has always been a great way to keep fit in a very fun way. The key ingredient in tap is balance so it is great  to improve your posture. As many of the steps involve to keep your body weight over your feet you will be working on your core muscles improving strength on your lower back and helping you to achieve a strong core.  You will improve your posture, co-ordination, concentration, musicality and memory.

The sense of achievement that dance brings is a great joy.



What to wear


Dance clothing or any tight workout clothing. 

Tap shoes 

Bottle of water is essential.


Venues and Times

Please check our timetable for times and venues.


Bookings and Enrolments


For booking, enrolments and further information please email us on