Ballroom and Latin American for Children

For Girls and Boys from 4yrs old+


"I do everything the man does, only backwards and in high heels"

Ginger Rogers

About the Class

Our Beginners level class is fun, joyful yet well structured and

full of content. The class is divided into two sections where children learn steps from three ballroom dances including Waltz. Tango and Foxtrot. During the second half children learn 3 Latin American dances including Rumba, Samba and Cha Cha Cha.

Children gain understanding of different rhythms through the appreciation of various musical styles.

Ballroom and Latin also promote the understanding of body mechanics and use of space.

We strongly encourage self expression developing an awareness of audience and sense of performance. 



What to wear

Girls: Ballroom dress, ballroom children's sandals with socks.

Boys: Black trousers, black/white top, ballroom shoes. 


You can order your uniform through your ballet teacher or emailing your order to


Venues and Times


Please visit our timetable page to find out about venues and times.



Bookings and Enrolments


For booking, enrolments and further information please email us on



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