Modern & Tap

For Girls and Boys from 4yrs old


"I just put my feet in the air and move them around"

Fred Astaire

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About the Class

Children learn basic Tap and Modern technique through fun and imaginative exercises using exciting music specially desinged for each exercise as well as current, fun music. 

They learn about timing, rhythm, pattern, direction while gaining coordination, spatial awareness, ability to memorise sequences and sense of performance.

They commence at a preparatory level till entering graded work.

Modern techinique is divided in two defferent styles Contemporary Modern Jazz and Theater Craft 



What to wear


IDTA regulation Modern & Tap leotard and leggings. Unitard from Grade 1

Tap Shoes and Bare feet for Modern.


You can order your uniform through our online shop or our physical shop in Mutley Plain. 


Venues and Times

Please visit our timetable page to find out about venues and times.



Bookings and Enrolments

For booking, enrolments and further information please email us on