Pre-Juvenile,Preparatory & Primary

Ballet for Girls and Boys 4yrs+


"Some people think that good dancers are born but all I have known are taught or trained"

Fred Astaire


Pre-Juvenile&Preparatory is for children age 4 to 6.


Children learn exercises that are design for them to learn basic ballet technique while telling a story or using a prop which makes the learning process very enjoyable. As many of the exercises are design to be in a group, children learn social skill, respect for others, patterning, direction and spatial awareness.

They also learn miming and basic music rhythms.


Primary is for children from age 6

This is the first time children learn much more mature ballet technique combined with lots of fun elements.

At this level children acquire the ability to memorise sequences while working on timing, musicality and artistry.

They are encourage to become more independent which leads to improved self confidence.


Examinations are available for both levels under IDTA syllabus




What to wear


IDTA Regulation uniform is compulsory.

IDTA Leotard with attached skirt in pale pink for all Pre-Juvenile and Preparatory classes.

IDTA Leotard with attached skirt in aqua for all Primary classes.

Pink Ballet Tights or Ballet socks

Pink Ballet Shoes 

You can order your uniform through our online shop or come to our physical shop in Mutley Plain and get fitted at no extra cost. 



Venues and Times

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Bookings and Enrolments

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