Teen Ballet

Classes for Girls and Boys 12yrs +


"When you Dance you can enjoy the luxury of being yourself"

Paulo Coelho


About the Class


This class is open for both absolute beginners and those who already have some experience.

The class structure consist of barre exercises followed by centre exercices where students will be able to dance from slow, artistic combinations to more energetic ones including jumps and turns, which will be accompained by inspiring music.

Ballet is a great way to workout whilst having fun. With ballet training students will acquired  good posture, flexibility, core strength while achieving a natural poise and grace.

Classes are taught in a warm, friendly and controlled environment.


Teen ballet classes are non syllabus classes and there is no exam pressure. Just pure enjoyment. 


What to wear


Dance clothing or any tight workout clothing. 

Ballet shoes. Come in bare feet or socks for your first class

Bottle of water is essential.


Venues and Times


Please visit our timetable page to find out about venues and times.




Only £5.00 per session. After first taster lesson enrolment for the term only.


New students welcome mid term.


Bookings and Enrolments


For booking, enrolments and further information please email us on info@plymouthdanceacademy.co.uk