Teen Contemporary

Classes for Girls and Boys 12yrs+


"Dance enables you find yourself and lose yourself at the same time"


Unknown Author


About the Class


This class is open for both absolute beginners and those who already have some experience.

Teen Contemporary classes are design to introduce students to different contemporary dance techniques which were developed by the pioneers of contemporary dance such as Martha Graham, Jose Limon or Merce Cunningham.

The class structure consist of a warm up, followed by floor exercises including contractions and releases. Centre work consist of technical exercises where students gain body control through core stability, correct placement and balancing. These will be essential in order to perform combinations including turns, jumps and floor pattering. At the end of each class a choreography is developed adding a few movements each week until it is finished.

A wide and eclectic music selection is used in these classes which is very inspiring and motivating.


What to wear


Dance clothing or any tight workout clothing. Bare feet, socks or jazz shoes.

Bottle of water is essential.


Venues and Times


Please visit our timetable page to find out about venues and times.


Bookings and Enrolments


For booking, enrolments and further information please email us on info@plymouthdanceacademy.co.uk